Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Hyperlinks for RLP Week I

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Online Resources - Latin I (March 23-27)

The following websites are used in the Latin I Remote Instructional Packet for this week, and are hyper-linked here for your convenience. Please see the cover sheet and PDF for instructions.





Thetis: www.greeklegendsandmyths.com/thetis.html

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Copy of RLP Week I comprehension questions

Day I Comprehension Questions

  1. What caused the conflict between Aphrodite, Hera and Athena?
  2. Who decided which goddess was “the fairest,” and why?
  3. In this story, which gods or goddesses are feuding?
  1. What did Hermes do to Battus, and why?
  2. Why did Hermes divide the sacrificed cows into 12 portions instead of 11?
  3. What did Hermes trade for Apollo’s herd?
  4. In this story, which gods or goddesses are feuding?
  1. Why is Hestia both the oldest and the youngest of the Olympians?
  2. In what way did Apollo and Poseidon feud because of Hestia?

Day II Comprehension Questions

  1. Why was Asclepius killed by Zeus?

  1. What causes the deaths of the four younger Cyclopes, and why?
  2. What gods or goddesses are feuding over Asclepius?

  1. How was Apollo punished for killing the Cyclopes?
  2. What are the two ways Apollo helped Admetus?

  1. Which two gods compete for the patronage of Athens?
  2. What does each offer?  Who wins?

  1. What does Odysseus do to Polyphemus, and why?
  2. Since Odysseus is Athena’s favorite human, what two gods does he  turn against one another by doing so?

Day III Comprehension Questions

  1. How did Hera trick Semele?
  2. Who was Semele’s child and how did Zeus save him?
  3. In this story, what gods or goddesses are feuding?

  1. What did Hera do to Ino and Athamas, and why?
  2. In this story, what god is Hera feuding with?
  1. How is Hephaestus’ birth itself part of a feud between gods?
  2. Why does Zeus throw Hephaestus off of Mt. Olympus?
  3. How does Hephaestus get revenge on Hera?
  4. What convinces Hephaestus to release Hera?
  5. How does Hephaestus get revenge on Ares?
You may stop reading after finishing the section “Hephaestus catches the cheating lovers.”

Day IV Comprehension Questions

Poseidon’s Patronage (Relevant portion is on the second paragraph on the page)
  1. Who did Poseidon compete with for patronage of Argos, and what did he do hen he lost?

  1. Why did Leto’s pregnancy with Apollo & Artemis cause Hera to persecute her?
  2. What did Hera do to Leto?
  3. Where did Leto eventually give birth?

  1. Why did Io get turned into a cow?
  2. Why did Hermes kill Argus?
  3. What did Hera do to Io because of the death of Argus?
  4. Where and how did Io finally get relief?

Day V Comprehension Questions

  1. How did Hera try to kill Hercules as a baby?
  2. How did Hera cause Hercules’ 12 labors?

For additional challenge, you may wish to read about Hercules’ 12 labors and explore the other links on this page!

  1. How did Hera make Hercules’ labors more challenging?
  2. What did Zeus do to Hera to make her stop persecuting Hercules?
  3. Reflecting on this and the stories of Io, Leto and Dionysus, what consistently causes conflict between Zeus and Hera?
  4. How does Hera consistently behave in these feuds?  Who does she punish?

  1. How does Thetis help Hephaestus and Dionysus respectively?
  2. How does Thetis help Zeus?
Why does Zeus force Thetis to marry a mortal?

Continue to read the rest of this article for additional challenge.